I am a singer songwriter and I love writing songs and performing live.​

I have loved the process of writing songs my whole life through and can write folk, country and pop songs.

As a child, I used to write down many song lyrics trying to memorise them and figure out their deeper message. I love observing life and love and listening more than speaking then transforming all that into song.  I wrote my very first song at the age of 15 called Sleeping Beauty when I had my first broken heart.
Since then I have been writing non-stop.

To date, I have written +/- 100 Afrikaans and English songs and as the years have passed I have gained irreplaceable experience from working with the best in the SA music industry via Manley Recording Studios.

” I used to quote songs when I had no more words to say.”

If you are in need of a song for your music career to take off, please feel free to contact me.

I have a teaching degree Foundation phase where music and Psychology were my main subjects. I started working in the music industry in 2002 and since 2005 I worked with Sean Manley as a Producer, songwriter, vocal production engineer, recording, editing and arranging music.

I have worked hand in hand with artists like Theuns Jordaan, Robbie Wessels, Jak De Priester, Andries Vermeulen, Bok van Blerk, Lianie May, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Jan Blohm, Ricus Nel,Steve Hofmeyer to name a few.

I did artist development teaching starting out artists what it takes to make it in the industry, from helping in playing their instruments, arranging their music, giving skilled direction. Songwriting and structure to their songs and how to perform on stage. Putting shows together and working through rehearsals ect. What ever helped them musically forward.

In this time I was also teaching vocals, guitar and piano to children and adults.

I also know the intricate process of registering of songs and copy-write. “ Logic” is the program I am familiar with as my recording program. I am highly skilled in recording vocals on songs and I tune and do vocal edits using melodyne or auto tune.

I also have a small home recording studio where I can record and edit music.

I also formed part of Robbie Wessels band, playing guitar for him and singing backing vocals on tour. I also had the opportunity to open for him and sell my own music to the public.

My love for music lies mostly in songwriting. I can write many different genre’s folk, country and pop songs. I have written many songs for other artists and I enjoy mostly working with artists on their songs.

Let me become part of your journey in creating a song just for you.

I have been working at Manley Recording Studios since 2005 where Sean Manley and I clicked from the word go.

My very first recording experience was with my band Southern Soul and I just loved it. I was still a student studying B Ed Foundation phase and had some free time. As we were recording at the time I wanted to get myself more educated in the workings of a studio. I asked Sean Manley if it would be possible for me to sit in on some sessions he was busy with, so I could learn. Luckily at the time “Klopjag” was recording their album and I was privileged enough to make them coffee and cheese snack witches, and in return I was allowed to sit in on the amazing process of recording their songs.

I did this for a few days and in those days Sean needed someone to push buttons. He was also recording artists like Robbie Wessels album, “Halley se Komeet”  and a few tracks on Bok van Blerk’s album “De la Rey”.

Sean needed someone to help him track guitars so he would not have to walk up and down to stop and start the computer. I was very willing and intrigued to do this. Here I was introduced into the Afrikaans music world.

Since then I have never stopped working with Sean as we really make a great team and he has taught me everything I know.

Here is our Link to Manley Recording Studios : http://www.manleystudios.co.za

  • Assist with execution of all works
  • Producer
  • Programming
  • Songwriter
  • Manager
  • Vocal production engineer

Music editor
Performing Artist
Video editor
Booking agent
Recording artists

Session musician
Arranging music
Organising shows
Organising music workshops
Basic Marketing
Radio submissions

Registering of songs with institutions
Copy write
I Manage a Songwriting circle – a group of songwriters that get together once a month to play songs to one another and give advice and feedback regarding the songs.

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